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BARBAS Valeria

BARBAS Valeria

26 februarie, 1984

Titularizare UAP
30 ianuarie 2009, secţia Pictură

str. Kiev, bl.14/2, ap.9

Tel. (dom): [+373.22] 49 30 60
Tel. (atelier/serviciu): [+373.22] 44 76 33
GSM: [+373] 69288077


Art is a spiritual language that I use to communicate with people, regardless of the language they speak. Educated as a musician in a family of painters I came into painting through the sounds. It is precisely the way that I really started to perceive painting and as a result adopted both languages. My work is about trying to reach every single and unique emotion by touching the deepest sanctuaries of the human soul. I invite viewers of my paintings to feel a higher awareness of light reality. Painting is an escape and a pleasure for me. I am always in search of one or another concept. My painting could be related to lyrical abstraction. Overtime,several directions revealed in my art:
1. Conceptual works; 2. Mood works; 3. Pseudo-realistic works, stylized landscape, still life, portrait; 4. Mixed, which combine elements of different sizes, conceptual with the pseudo realistic or stylized landscape with the mood.
My art is sensible and intuitive. I love the bold colors of acrylics, the magic and the joy of oil-the endless possibilities of white and grey. On one hand, the white color has a great appeal to me because of its pureness, light, tenderness and peace. On the other hand, however, it can be strong and burning. It can bring heat, fervor, fire and passion at the same time. Sometimes using a very colorful and contrasting palette for me is an escape from the world of white, the paintings of that spectrum are my “breaks” in white. Considered to be “the white painter” with “musical paintings”, my purpose is to explore and experiment with a variety of media for the sheer joy of producing art that is colourful, strong, expressionistic and individualistic.

Valeria Barbas 2010

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